JIRA Essentials

JIRA Essentials


Create a Jira issue and progress it through the workflow

  • Monitor the issue status as it flows through the workflow using search

  • Describe how issues are organized in Jira

  • Save a search to simplify status requests

  • Modify existing issues, changing priority and assignees

  • Update multiple issues in one operation to align with changing business requirements

  • Create Pie Chart reports to communicate user utilization and issue complexity

  • Communicate progress of project tasks using the Jira dashboard

  • Submit service desk request using the Customer Portal

  • Organize service desk requests using queues

  • Move agile software development issues through the workflow using a Scrum board

  • Communicate project process using agile specific reports

  • Describe the Scrum software development process and how it's implemented in Jira Software

  • Create an Agile Scrum board and perform general configuration of the board

  • Groom the backlog and plan the sprint

  • Prioritize issues and group them into epics and versions

  • Estimate stories and create a sprint backlog

  • Configure the board to add columns, swimlanes, and quick filters

  • Map statuses to columns, transition stories across the board to "Done"

  • Identify and use appropriately the 3 most common reports for Scrum development

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