Getting More from JIRA Software Server

Getting More from JIRA Software Server


Identify the person/role who can configure a change

  • Turn issues from your feedback loop into a well organized, prioritized backlog

  • Explain the differences between Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, and Kanplan process methodologies

  • Articulate what the filter query must do to give you the issues you need on your board

  • Articulate the requirements for a filter query and workflow needed for your team's Scrum board

  • Set estimation tracking statistics to meet your requirements

  • Use, and log time to subtasks

  • Explain what a "scrum of scrums" is and who would use it

  • Describe the purpose and benefit of the Release Hub

  • Analyze reports and glean information from them that can be fed back into sprint planning to improve efficiency

  • Implement dashboards that enable members of the project team to recognize problems and address them in a timely manner

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